I’m just a girl with questionable craft skills trying to navigate the DIY world.

I’ve always believed DIY projects should be approachable. Particularly for those of us who may not be the best with crafts. The whole phrase do it yourself implies that this is something anyone can do. This is the issue I have with a lot of so called DIY projects. They are promoted to easy anyone can do it projects but in reality they require a lot more than a can do attitude. So I have taken on the task of sorting the real DIY projects from the imposters.

I have composed three simple guidelines to judge projects.

Ways to pass my DIY test:

The project must be something you can replicate – The way I see it a DIY project is kind of like a scientific theory. If the instructions for a project can’t be replicated and don’t yield results similar to the original project then it doesn’t pass the DIY test.

The project must be successful without specific materials – It is understandable if you need a specific tool to do a project. Some nail art will require a polish with a thin brush to create designs. But if I have to find the exact same shade of midnight blue polish for a project to come out right then it is not a good DIY.

The project shouldn’t require special skills – If I need to take a class or have some kind of certificate for a DIY Project to come out right then it is a bad DIY. Anyone of any skill set should be able to do a DIY project and at least have success similar to the original project.


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