Rainbow Cupcakes

After weathering the storm called senior year everyone deserves some kind of reward if they manage to make it through. Since my housemates and I have seen a category five senior year, I felt like a rainbow was needed. I found the best kind of rainbow in cupcake form.  Since rainbows represent new beginnings and since cupcakes are awesome, these were the perfect way to say goodbye to the semester. The rainbow cupcakes of Pinterest always looked so cool but seemed quite impossible. But if I’m not going to try something in my last year of college I’ll probably never try it at all. So I searched for the most approachable recipe and made my attempt.

Here is the original recipe: http://thepapermama.com/2014/03/rainbow-cupcake-recipe/

Materials needed for this project are:

Food coloring- you will need red, orange,yellow, green blue, purple Or you can make some to the colors if you know your color wheel well

White cake mix

Some kind of white frosting

One large bowl

Six small  bowls

I started this recipe by making the cake batter. I just followed the instructions on the box, well most of the instructions. (I didn’t use a hand mixer again. I dont know why I do this to myself…)


Once the batter was done I took a 1/2 measuring cup and pour that amount into each bowl. I brought all the colors of dye because I’m really bad at those color formulas. I only know how to make brown. The instructions say to put 15 drops of one food color into  one bowl for each color. But I found that some colors like red need a few more drops and some colors like purple need less. Once that was done I had these.


The purple is in the pan because I forgot to take the picture before I poured it into the cupcake wrappers. I distributed the batter into the wrapper by one teaspoon measurements. There was leftover batter after all the wrappers were filled so I just kept filling by the teaspoon until it was gone. The instructions said to pour each batter in layers to get the rainbow effect. So after the purple batter was gone I layered on the blue.


After the blue was used green was next.


Then yellow and after that orange.


Red was the final color to go on. This whole process was extremely time consuming. I spent at least forty minutes doing this if not more. I would not recommend this if you have any kind of time limit. One of my housemates made this time a little better by reading me a story.


Following the cake boxes instructions I popped these guys in a 35o degree oven for 23 minute. While the cupcakes were baking, word spread through the house about these miniature rainbows and the oven became a very popular place.


Finally I relieved everyone of the suspense and pulled these out of the oven.


While they were in the pan I was sure the original author had confused her rainbow cupcake recipe with a psychedelic one. But when took them out and frosted I saw this.


Definitely some kind of rainbow and it got more distinctive when they were unwrapped.


The rainbow even left its mark on the wrappers.


The insides were more psychedelic than rainbow but who cares! They were still really cool.


Just like a real rainbow these cupcakes brought a smile to everyones face.

I calling foul play with the original recipe because there is no way to keep the batter s from blending together. But even though they didn’t come out like the original, these were fairly easy to make and came out awesome. So in my book they Pass the DIY test.


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