The Infamous Eggvocado

The eggvadaod is actually the pinterest project that inspired this blog. It was the first DIY food project I tried and it was the first one I miserably failed…and continued to fail at multiple times after the first one. I am not alone. If you look up eggs baked in avocados you will see a few beautiful (most likely fake) eggvocados. But the majority of what you will find is sad sad eggvocado failures.

But today I have hope! After many days of research I feel that I can finally conqueore the


Here are a few of the recipes I looked at:


The materials needed for this project are:

2 eggs

A ripe avocado (make sure its not to soft)

olive oil

salt, pepper and garlic powder


I preheat my oven to 425. I started by cutting the avocado in half and removing the pit. An easy way to do this is to take your knife and whack the pit with it. Once the knife is logged in the pit give it a little twist and it should pop right out.


Once the pit was out I scooped out a little extra avocado to make a bigger home for the egg.


I season the avocado with salt pepper, garlic  then drizzled it with a little olive oil.

Now comes the difficult process of adding the egg. For the first avocado half I just cracked the egg and put it in. This is what happened


A good potion of the egg ended up in the pan instead of in the avocado. So for the second half I decided to change tactics. I cracked the other egg into a bowl and transferred the yolk into the avocado with a spoon. The results were a little better


The yolk fit but there was no room left for any egg white, so the one on the right is all yolk. Nothing is ever perfect with the eggvocado. After the eggs were in I put the eggvocados in the pan for 15 minutes and here is what I got


The one on the right is fully cooked but the one of the left is pretty much raw.


So I took the right one out and put the left on back in the oven. It was a another ten minute before that one was finally done.

The finished product looked like this. No where near as pretty as its advertised.


When my housemate and I put them up to the taste test it was…pretty good?

The eggs were fairly over cooked, slightly to the point of rubber. But it did blend well with the avocado and was tasty when slathered with salsa.

Overall the eggvocado gets a DIY fail. While it can be done, it never comes out like the instructions say it should and it is trouble from the minute you crack the eggs.



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