Eggs in a Bacon cup

I think anything wrapped in bacon is a good idea so a bacon wrapped egg muffin recipe seemed like a great idea. They seemed like such a good idea that I decided to make them for mothers day.

Here is the original link:

The materials needed for this recipe are:

4 -6 eggs

8 slices bacon

Cheese (I used cheddar)

Some kind of veggie (I put in chopped scallions)

Preheat the oven to 375.

I started by scrambling all of  the eggs then mixing the cheese and scallions. I added salt, pepper, garlic  powder, cumin and paprika to the mix. This wasn’t in the original instructions but I felt like it needed some extra flavor.


Once this mixture was done I sprayed a muffin pan with cooking spray and lined it with bacon. Yay bacon cups!


After that all I had to do was pour the mixture into the muffin pan and it was good to go! This project was so easy

….until it came to cooking

The original instructions said to cook these for 25 minutes.

I had to cook mine for 45…

This is because the bacon refused to cook at the same pace as the eggs.


So I would have fully cooked egg muffins wrapped in under cooked bacon. Even after 45 minutes a lot of the because still wasn’t done. By the time I got everything to an edible level the eggs looked like this.


The original recipe made no mention of this potentially being a problem or how to avoid it. So I ended up serving this


The egg part did come out pretty tasty. My mother and grandmother understanding enough just peel the bacon off so bunch wasn’t completely ruined.

So this recipe pass/fails the DIY test. The egg part was great but the instructions give no warning about the bacon failure.

The main thing I learned from this project is to not try a new recipe or project when you have company.


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