Bread bunnies

You know whats better than playing with your food. Making your food into incredibly cute animals! Most people reserve adorable food crafts for kids but young adults in college get a kick out of them too.


Here is the most detailed instructions I could find, I got them off of Pinterest:


Looks so easy! But I am not making bread from scratch because who has time for that.

So the only materials I needed for this project was scissors and uncooked dinner rolls.

Follow the instructions for whatever brand of dinner rolls you buy. Mine has to be thawed and proofed before I could us them.

Once that was over they looked like this



Once they were pliable rolls I took the scissors and cut them at the tops to make the ears


And they strated to kind of look like bunnies


When they all had ears I began working on the eyes. The instructions say you can use a grain of pepper to give them eyes. I tried this and found it extremely difficult and time consuming.


So I improvised and started using a tooth pick. Much easier


Once that was done I had a whole tray things that looked like this


Not quite bunnies but I figured the oven would change that. Whatever they looked like they were pretty cute.

Before I popped them in the oven I gave each one a quick butter bath.


Warning: If you are someone who is a sucker for cute things (like me) don’t spend too much time looking at or bathing the bunnies. Because you will get attached! By the time I was finished bathing them they all had names….

But I put them in the oven anyway. I followed the cooking instructions for my rolls and 15 minutes later I had these things


The oven did not make them into bunnies.


They look more like cats or some strange pokemon. Either way they are still pretty cute.

I declare them catinnes! (cat+bunny).

So overall I will give this project a pass/fail. Because while it did yield adorable and delicious results it did not make bread bunnies.

I’m not sure how I would improve this project because it seems like there might be some steps missing. I would definitely be will to give it another try.

Despite being a newly discovered creature the catinnes were quite popular with my housemates. The whole tray of them didn’t make it through the night.



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