Life Tip: Coconut oil

Recently I have been recommending one thing thing to everyone for everything and I felt it was necessary to put on this blog. This is a DIY in itself

My first ever life tip is: use coconut oil

It is literally good for EVERYTHING!

It is a edible super healthy oil that is extracted from the kernel or meat of a mature coconut.

Magic in a bottle

Magic in a bottle

It is a great oil with lots of health benefits. It can heal dry or damaged skin, helps hair retain moisture and can even be used to make homemade soap.

Here are a few of the things it can be used for:

hair oil and conditioner

on skin as a moisturizer

on nails (its supposed to make them strong)

As a cooking oil or in food (its a super healthy cooking oil)

On any cuts, burns or scars

I even use it for oil pulling!

So there is my first life tip. Coconut oil good for everything


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