Universe Nail Art

As a kid when I thought about future fashions inspired by space I always thought of silver suits and rocket shoes. But instead in 2014 people are rocking nebulas and galaxy as fashion statements. While I am disappointed I don’t have rocket shoes yet, I have to say galaxy patterns do look pretty cool. You no longer need a telescope to marvel at the beauty of a galaxy, just check out your local forever 21. Just about anything can be found in a galaxy pattern from leggings to headphones.

Here is the original project: http://snapguide.com/guides/make-galaxy-nails/

So it should come as no surprise that nail art has picked up on the trend.

The materials needed for this project are:

base coat polish, a black polish, a purple polish and sparkly silver polish, a makeup sponge and lots of paper towels. Brand of nail polish really shouldn’t matter, Project that require brand specific materials automatically fail the DIY test.

So you want to start out by putting on a clear base coat.

After that your going to apply a black layer of nail polish and let it dry.

The next step is where it starts to get tricky. Your going to make a small sepreate puddles of blue and purple nail polish and lightly dab the make up sponge in it. Your then supposed to take the sponge and dab it on the black nail to make a nebula like pattern. Here is what I got

Not quit a universe but I still had hope. After this I added the sparkly layer and hoped it would make things better.


It did not…



I sort of see a galaxy but its kind of like looking through a really bad telescope.

Universe nail art fails the DIY test.

My recommendations to fix this project would be to use something smaller and more textured than a make up sponge. I feel like this would give you more control over the pattern.


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