Egg in Kale Cups

I fell for this project the minute I saw it.  I was particularly excited to find this project a week before finals, a time when I desperately need veggies and protein but end up eating Doritos.

Here is the orginal recipe:

The ingredients you will need are:

4 large leaves of Kale

4 eggs

salt, pepper and garlic

olive oil

A muffin pan and cupcake wrappers

Egg in Kale cups

The first thing you want to do is preheat your oven to 375. DO THIS FIrst! I forgot to preheat the oven first and had to wait around for it ugh. Once the oven is preheating gather your ingredients.


Put the olive oil,  salt and garlic in a bowl with the kale and give it massage.


If you use large leaves of kale try to keep them intact during this process. I choose to use broken up bag kale (because it was on sale) but I wouldn’t recommend this for reasons I’ll explain in a bit.

You want to message your kale until it is soft and pliable. It should look something like this.


Once this is done prep your muffin tin for the kale by placing the cupcake wrapper in it. You wont need to oil them since the kale is already oiled up.


Next you will start building the kale cups. This part was a little hard for me because I deviated from the recipe a bit and decided to use broken up bagged kale.

DO NOT DO THIS! Fitting the kale into the cup would have been much easier if I had used large kale leaves. Instead I had to build my cups from tiny pieces of kale and it took forever!



If you really want to use bag kale be prepared to layer. First I had to make the bottom of the kale cups and press it into shape with a cup. After that I had to carefully place the kale around the edges of the wrapper and use the cup to shape it again.




This was extremely annoying…If I had just used large kale leaves I could have just pressed it into the wrapper and I would have been done. Save yourself the trouble and buy whole kale. Anyway you should end up with kale cups that look like this.


Crack an egg into each of these cups then add whatever seasonings you like. I put salt, pepper and parmesan cheese on mine.



Pop them in the oven for 15-25 minutes. This is depending on how you like your eggs. (I like mine fully cooked so I did 25 minutes)

What comes out of the oven looks like this.



This is how they look unwrapped

Serve these guys hot with whatever sides you like. I put mine with buttered toast.



I have to say I was surprised how well these came out. Food DIY project have a notoriously higher fail rate. So egg in kale cups get a big DIY pass from me.


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