DIY T-shirt scarf

As I have mentioned before I really enjoy DIYs repurposing old t-shirts. So when I found a t-shirt  to scarf DIY I was excited but quite sceptical. I went this fairly sure it wouldn’t work.

Here are the original instructions:

The materials you will need are:


old T-shirts (You can use one. But the more you use the bigger your scarf will be.)

An old t-shirt. The bigger the shirt the larger the scarf will be(the original instructions recommend extra large but I just used two large stretch out t-shirts) I also used two colors of t-shirts to make the scarf more interesting.


So you start by cutting the hem off the T-shirt.


Then proceed to cut most of the shirt into strips. I used the hem to loosely measure out the strips that are supposed to be about an inch wide. (doesn’t really matter if they aren’t exact)

You should end up with this



You can use the leftover shirt top but I’ll save that for another post

Once all the strips are cut take five at a time in your hand and pull them at both ends. The strips should begin to curl as you pull them.


After stretching this is what your strips should look like.


After this your going to take the left over t-shirt top and the sleeve off of it.


You will then use this sleeve strip to wrap around the large t-shirt strips to bind them together.


After wrapping tie a knot in the binding strip. I cut off the leftover wrapping strip and tucked it under the wrapping to make it look seamless.

This should be your final product.



I was pretty shocked at how well this scarf came out! At a quick glance you might even think it was store bought. So the T-shirt scarf passes the DIY pass.


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