DIY No Sew Tote bag

  As an admitted t shirt addict I love the idea of t-shirt repurposing DIYs. I they give me hope that the pile of old t shirts on my floor can become something more than a pile of old t-shirts.

This is how I discovered my most recent DIY. The t-shirt tote bag came to me at the perfect time since I’ve recently become obsessed with tote bags. This is mainly because it is near finals week and I only have time for bags I can haphazardously throw stuff it.

Here are the original instructions

Materials need for this project are:

A old t shirt (preferably a large one if you want a big bag)


So you star off with any old t shirt. I chose my high school one because I would never be caught dead wearing it. (Tells you how I feel about high school)


Cut the arms off of the t-shirt. This is how the straps of the bag will form. Try not to cut as deep as I did. If you cut too deep it will take away from the depth of the bag.


After this cut out the collar of the shirt to make the bags opening.


Take the bottom of the t-shirt and mark where you will be cutting it into one inch strips. This wasn’t in the original instructions but I find marking your cutting before hand always makes things easier. (the measurements don’t have to be exact, I used my thumb to space these out)


After the t-shirt is marked, try to line up the front and back hems of the shirt and  start cutting the strips. You should end up with something that looks like this.


Once the strips are cut your going to take two that are next to each other and tie them together twice.



You should end up with something that looks like this.


I messed mine up a little bit cause I could decide if i wanted fringes on the outside or if i wanted to hide them inside. So I ended up with fringes both ways. Other than that this was a great DIY. I contest the fact that it only takes ten minutes (mine ran into twenty) but other wise I dub this project a DIY pass.


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